Who We Are

Experts in Producing Renewable Energy Power

Solimar Power Partners LLC (Solimar) is an independent renewable energy power producer (IPP) located in Washington, D.C. With a full suite of in-house development capabilities and backed by deep expertise, we take projects from the drawing board to reality. We take a unique approach to project siting, land acquisition, and permitting in close collaboration with our landowners and host communities and foster a strong relationship with our partners to deliver the best technology and value to our customers and investment partners.

Solimar Power Partners recognizes the rapid clean energy deployment underway can and must embrace local stakeholders’ needs for local jobs, economic benefits and protection of environmental habitats. Therefore, we adopt 5 Essential practices for a Just, Equitable and Sustainable Development of Clean Energy Resources.


  1. Engage stakeholders on environmental, workforce and community concerns throughout the clean energy development process.
  2. Protect and efficiently use environmental resources by employing best practices for siting, wildlife protection, compensation and community involvement.
  3. Adopt responsible contracting policies that provide a framework for ensuring a clean energy transition delivers on its promise of good jobs and economic opportunity for local workers and communities.
  4. Provide meaningful local economic benefits by investing in, helping develop or advocating for workforce investment with a focus on underserved communities and workers of color and just transitions for conventional energy workers being displaced by clean energy projects.
  5. Ensure compliance and monitoring by evaluating developer commitment to provide long-term transparency for all project partners and stakeholders.
A field with wind turbines in the background.