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Unlock the Potential of Your Land for Renewable Energy

As a landowner, you possess a potentially untapped resource that can offer a stable and predictable income without significantly impacting your current land use. Solimar Power Partners can help you harness the power of renewable energy sources such as wind and solar, which require no water, create no pollution, and require minimal effort on your part.

Not only does this offer additional financial security for you and your family but also contributes to the generation of clean energy and revenue for your community.

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Renewable Energy Solutions for Municipal Entities

For municipally owned electric utilities and cooperatives, the continuous pursuit of low-cost and reliable energy is a significant challenge. Renewable energy presents an excellent solution with its ability to offer fixed pricing for two to three decades through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

This contract ensures a specified amount of energy from a renewable source is purchased for a set period at a fixed price, effectively mitigating fuel uncertainty and addressing potential EPA regulations and water scarcity issues.

Community Benefits of Renewable Energy Projects

At Solimar Power Partners, we believe in the power of collaboration. Renewable energy projects can significantly boost local economies by generating substantial tax revenues for schools and providing an influx of new income to local businesses and landowners.

These projects also have a positive environmental impact, producing electricity without generating pollution or depleting water resources. We conduct comprehensive studies to foresee potential impacts and employ best industry practices to minimize them.

We also prioritize keeping local stakeholders informed and involved throughout the entire development process, from site selection to construction. Our dedicated team is always available to answer your queries, engage in community dialogues, and share updates about our plans and progress.